Thursday, October 17, 2019

Report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words - 6

Report - Essay Example Recently, Oxfam International is operating its supportive functions approximately in over 90 countries around the world (Oxfam International, 2014). In this report, the objective is to identify the contribution of the Oxfam International in relation to the issues of climate change in the society. At the same time, the report intends to identify the values and interests of Oxfam International. Moreover, the report will also critically analyze the advocacy viewpoint of the Oxfam International in relation to various scenarios. Finally, the report will also highlight a supportive view regarding the contribution of the organization. According to the viewpoint Pettengell (2010), during the early 21st century, the issue regarding climate change had become one of the most critical aspects, which has influenced several difficulties and challenges in the society such as poverty and health care related issues (Pettengell, 2010). In this regard, rationally it can be asserted that climate change has initiated larger threats across the entire world. Moreover, it has affected the capacity and response of the poor in the society, which has influenced the poor citizens in an adverse manner. In this context, it can be claimed that climate change has affected the subsistence of crops due to vulnerable outer temperature ranges around the world. At the same time, erratic rainfall has also changed the seasonal pattern and monsoon of the entire globe, which has negatively affected the agricultural cycles all around the world. As an effect, farmers are struggling to produce expected amount of crop. On the other hand, due to frequ ent climate changes the level of sea water is rising around the world, which is also indirectly affecting the productivity of crops, due to presence of high proportion salt in the water (Pettengell, 2010). These are the identified adverse effects that climate changes have on the environment and the society at large. According to the report published

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