Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Market Research Proposal Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Market - Research Proposal Example This necessity also entails multiple other concepts of marketing that encompasses the techniques based on which the factors related to customer dissatisfaction are identified and apprehended in an effective manner (Pearson Education, Inc., 2010). In relation to the above context, the proposal will be mainly designed for gathering the viewpoints of the customers in determining their satisfaction level towards the purchase made in relation to the selected product of ‘Cornish pasty’. In this proposal, multiple outcomes that project the emergence of customer complaints concerning the above product from domestic as well as international levels will also be evaluated. If seen from a logical perspective, it can be stated that the rise within the compliant levels amid the customers towards the selected product might impose greater level of threat to the business process of the company involved in manufacturing the product in the business markets of the UK (Cornish Pasty Association, 2015). Thus, with this concern, an attempt has been made to explore the reasons as to why there has been an increase in the percentage of complaints associated with this specific food product and also determine the nature of the customers’ complaints. Considering the above stated aspects, the proposal will also lay utmost focus on accumulating customers’ feedback relating to taste, quality, price and design of the product. From a theoretical perspective, it can be affirmed that the decrease within the interest levels of the customers eventually minimises the scope of developing multiple other products of similar category and also the revenue attainment opportunity. Rest apart, another credential objective of preparing this proposal is to focus upon collecting credential information regarding the potential changes that the customers intend to see within this product. Further part of the proposal will mainly encompass preparing two specific types of

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