Friday, November 1, 2019

Presentation on Web-Based Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Presentation on Web-Based - Essay Example These functions are inevitable and their successful execution ensures the achievement of aims and objectives of every organization. Specific functional areas are given the responsibility of executing specific types of business processes within a Human Services Organization. The following purposes are narrated well by (2011): Considering Customer services a web based example of a customer services software would be highlighted. The tasks involved in the Customer Services Functional Area can be summarized in tabular form as follows: An example of the functional area of customer services can be SugarCRM. CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. This is an integral functional area of every Human Services Organization as it involves all the customer related processes in it. Details of SuagrCRM are stated on the pages that follow. These CRM based information systems integrate the CRM related processes of a business environment and provide effective and productive linkage between a business environment and its customers. A leading present day commercial example of a CRM based management Information System is SUGAR CRM. SUGAR CRM is web based Open Source CRM software that has many Project Management Tools Embedded right into it. Gantt Charts and Other Add-ons are also available. Being open source means that modifications can be made within the software at almost all levels of it. Created by a California based company in the early years of 2000, it is an application that enables multi user login and contains excellent reporting provisions. Sugar CRM integrates best into the environment of just about any business. The OPEN nature of this software enables businesses to integrate this application package in accordance with the requirements of their business processes. Being labeled as OPEN the entire source code of the software is provided to the

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