Sunday, November 3, 2019

A response to the reading. Please make a title for the paper Essay

A response to the reading. Please make a title for the paper - Essay Example The author then hints that his secret could be something about his wives who were all claimed by the lord to have died of some diseases. A reader might suspect that something is wrong with the deaths of the wives and the writer teases the imagination of his readers by using the latest wife to reveal what really happened to the wives before her. Similar to many tales, a test of character is represented in the story when the man lets his wife look after all his estate while he goes away for war. However, the husband does not simply leave everything under his wife’s care but gave her some instructions saying she may open all the rooms except for one. This eventually showed the lord’s secret and when he found out about what his wife did, the lord tried to kill his wife. The story ends with good prevailing over evil. The murderer was killed by the wife’s brothers who were extraordinary beings which is also a classic part of fairy tales. For modern readers, the tale ma y sound ridiculous but perhaps the emphasis of the narration is on the moral of the story rather than how the story would be presented in an interesting and more realistic manner. The story ends with the lesson the wife learned through her experience and seems to have been deliberately done so to make it stick in the minds of the

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