Saturday, August 31, 2019

Chemicals Together in an Effort to be Greener Essay

Alhamdulillah, first of all, I would like to thank Allah as I could finish my chemistry assignment with the title of Chemistry in your daily life. I would like to express my deepest appreciation to all those that help me, contribute their suggestion and opinion in doing this assignment from the beginning until finish because, without their help, I might have little problem in this research. Even though a few problems occurred when doing the assignment but luckily it can be settled down. With a lot of effort, finally, this task can be sent to our lecturer before the submission date as well. Furthermore, a special thanks to my lecturer chemistry, Dr. Musfiroh bt Jani that deliver this assignment and explain clearly how to do this assignment with the concept of chemistry and how to applied it in daily life to make sure we can score chemistry and understand the true meaning of chemistry. We can do this without her as she guides and fix our mistakes from starting of this assignment and want to improve the new one so this assignment can be completely finished and get a better result. Next, big thanks go to other Chemistry lecturers that teach me and guide me as long as I was a student and will make sure I can understand properly what is chemistry, why we need to learn chemistry and the important thing is we learn this to understand the knowledge to apply in real life, not because the exam. They also teach me how to produce a good assignment and report. Moreover, many thanks to my parents that support me from for with their contribution especially by providing money to me as I need to find references and they also help me in give an idea to make sure I can finish my assignment. Last but not least, thanks to my friends that always support and stick with me when hard and happy in this life and for those who are directly and indirectly support and help me with the assignment. Have you ever wondered why ice melts a water evaporates? Why do leaves turn colors in the fall, and how does a battery generate electricity? Why does keeping foods cold slow their spoilage, and how do our bodies use food to maintain life? There are a lot of nature and phenomena life that happens around us that involved chemistry. Have you wondered what is chemistry? And what chemistry can do in our life? How chemistry can be important and relates to our life? All the question can be answered in Chemistry as chemistry provides really important understanding and how it can be applying in our daily life as a human. That is the reason why we need to study chemistry. By studying chemistry, we can learn to use powerful language and ideas to describe what happened because chemistry is universal science that covered all the process around us include matter and also the process of humans. Chemistry? What crossed in your mine about chemistry? Either about chemistry with friends, chemistry in doing the same things, chemistry in a relationship for couples or anything else. Yes, that’s all true but in science actually, chemistry is a study of matter, properties, and its behavior. Chemistry also provides an understanding background of matter which it can be divided by atoms, molecules, gas. Atoms are smallest particles of elements that exist surrounding us. It is made of three tiny particles that called subatomic particles which is protons, neutrons, and electrons. The center of the atom, called nucleus is made up of protons and neutrons. Every single thing in this world is made up of matter include our bodies. Chemistry is relating to everything in life and it is a large branch that needed by everyone. Not only doctor, but the dentist, pharmacist, nurse, geologist, and others need chemistry too. Chemistry can be divided into five main branches which are very wide in the application of life. The first is analytical chemistry which discusses uses qualitative and quantitative observation to identify and measure the physical and chemical properties of substances. In fact, all chemistry is analytical chemistry. Secondly is physical chemistry. As we know, physical chemistry is discussed physics combine with chemistry. It’s about how matter can interact with energy. The important things in this topics are thermodynamics and quantum mechanics. The third branch of chemistry is organic chemistry which studies in compounds that contains carbon element. Carbon has many unique properties that allow it to form complex chemical bonds and very large molecules. Inorganic chemistry studies a materials such gases and metals that do not contain carbon as part of their make up. Last but not least is biochemistry is study of chemical processes that occur between organisms. Try to imagine the world without chemistry.

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