Friday, August 23, 2019

Report on the Religious Life of Planet Earth Essay

Report on the Religious Life of Planet Earth - Essay Example This article will explain what religion looks like. It will provide examples of three beliefs related to religion in line with the function of religion to the survival of human kind. Religion can be defined as a collection of belief systems, cultural systems and worldwide views which relate humanity to the spiritual world (Pope, 1996). In most cases, religions have various symbols, which have their meanings. Certain individuals claim that religion is the act of believing in a supreme being. Most scholars in the discipline of science believe that religion was formulated in order to manipulate humankind. However, other individuals claim that religion is a way of life. As an alien trying to determine the aspect of religion in the world, it is prevalent that the earth is a religious planet. Contrarily, different individuals have different opinions regarding religious status. One of the most prevalent examples that point out the existence of religion on earth is the gathering of individua ls in fellowship (Pope, 1996). Individuals usually gather in certain places in order to fellowship and give thanks to their creator. Therefore, it is necessary to be committed to a certain religion in order to appreciate and understand the teachings. In addition, the philosophy of religion also reveals the existence of religion. It is prevalent that religion would be non-existent if there was no philosophy of religion. Recently, most of the individuals who claim to be religious usually spend most of their time reflecting about the existence of a supreme being. Moreover, they are significantly inspired when they take part in worship acts (Pope, 1996). The planet earth also meets the specifications of a religious planet. This is because approximately 84% of the population comprise of followers of one of the 23 radical religions that are known to the human species (Pope, 1996). Religion enables individuals to understand certain concepts hence; sustaining morality. According to empirica l research, religion plays an essential function in planet earth. For instance, religion helps human beings to define who they are. Additionally, religion holds the society together through the provision of human desires such as integrity, discipline, love and empathy. Some of the individuals believe that religion has a medicinal value that is portrayed through healing especially after prayers. Furthermore, religion also ensures that human beings are able to live according to the guidelines of human life (Pope, 1996). While observing the aspect of religion on earth, I found out that religion was extremely crucial among the believers. As stated above, religion is defined as a response to the dimensions of life which are regarded sacred. Religion can also be defined, by the way an individual prefers to worship and perform their spiritual practices. Research asserts that there are three main religions that are recognized all over the world. They include Christianity, Islam, and Hinduis m (Pope, 1996). In conclusion, the Christians believe in the existence of God who is the sole creator of everything in the universe. In addition, they usually quote the scriptures enshrined in the Holy Bible which resembles an instruction sheet. On the other hand, Muslims believe in a supreme being named Allah.

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