Sunday, August 25, 2019

Final Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 3

Final - Essay Example se has helped me to garner information on syntax, diction, style and grammatical concerns which are very important to portray my thoughts into scripts. I was aware of the theoretical nitty-gritty of all these but lacked the proper synchronization of all these rules in order to organize my planning and create something in letters. I have found my writings are grammatically and stylistically correct because I can communicate with my readers in an effective way. I can respond to different writing assignments in ways that do not only streamline my time but also produces better finished writings. I do not have to struggle with the topics as the sentences flow spontaneously in my mind and I simply need to place them in papers. The course has helped me to address my thoughts in such a way that invokes a spirit in me always when I sit with pen and papers. This serves as a great support to harmonize the feelings that were somehow lost in the maze of numerous manuscripts I often studied. Durin g my reading of any book, if any sentence captures my interest I always underline that part and try to recollect and reproduce the same in some of my writings in a similar situation. The course has taught me how to recreate those ideas in my thesis. Above all I have learnt to write with confidence and I know myself as a writer. I would also like to bring certain things to your notice that there are some difficulties which haunt me always whenever I write. First of all, I lack a sense of coherence and cannot string the right words together to produce the insightful content. I am sometimes unable to find those thought provoking phrases which might otherwise result into a marvelous piece of writing. Another potential drawback of my writing is that I cannot illustrate my ideas with simple examples or in trying to do so, I get lost in the labyrinth of winding sentences in which the main thought loses its track. My writings are not always devoid of jargons and this creates some

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