Thursday, August 29, 2019

Personal statement UCAs Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

UCAs - Personal Statement Example Consequently, the experience has heightened my aspiration to study IT, which I believe will give me an opportunity to serve, as well as enable me to put into practice the skills I have been able to gain through time. My desire to study IT emanates from the successful installation of a software program connecting all the departments in my fathers business. With this successful installation, there was a significant change in the operations of the business, as well as a remarkable business growth. The installation reduced the volume of paperwork that the members of staff were using by approximately 50-60%, which improved the operational efficiency. Apart from ensuring that the business operations were efficient, the installation ensured business growth of up to 30%. This success created a drive in me to study this course so that I could gain additional knowledge in the IT field. In preparation for my university studies, I am currently taking a foundation year course in Cambridge, where I will be studying IT and programming. Part of this course is pure mathematics. I believe that this course will be beneficial as a foundation for pursuing the computer science course. During my years I school, I was an exceptional performer in academics, scoring 120 points out of 125 in the Uniform National Examinations. This has given me the opportunity to study in any university in the country, Kazakhstan, free of charge. However, I chose to study in the UK because its best chance to get good experience, quality education and it also prestige. I will also be able to make friends and maybe share experience as I advance in my career. Apart from participating in the school projects, during the weekends and vacation periods, I usually assist in my father’s company. By voluntarily giving assistance to the staff members, I utilize some of the skills that I get from the school projects, which include logical thinking, problem solving and informatics, as well as knowledge from the studies. Service provision is an essential skill that someone might be required to develop, as a way of making sure that he or she perform his or her duties efficiently and effectively. Apart from developing these skills, it is necessary to have the required qualifications that will enable me to perform according to the organizational and professional requirements. My experience as a programmer in my father’s organization developed in me a desire to be a better person in serving people. More importantly, the experience developed in me the desire to try to succeed so that I would provide services to the government, which will be beneficial in improving the governmental efficiency. I believe that these basic experiences were vital to prove my dedication and determination in accomplishing some of the things that I desire to achieve in my career. I am enthusiastic about the coming year and I look forward to participating in an activity that will be fulfilling and will lead me int o the right path to develop my career further. I can only achieve such a fete through obtaining appropriate training, which will enable me to harness the knowledge for developing and implementing the systems. Getting the opportunity to study and hone my skills will be a huge step in the attainment of my desire to improve on organizational efficiencies. Bibliography Bouwman, H. (2005). Information and communication technology in organizations: adoption, implementation,

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