Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Discuss the problems that a ship manager faces with various Essay - 1

Discuss the problems that a ship manager faces with various legislations on bunker fuels for a handymax bulk carrier that trades between North Europe and the - Essay Example veral changes in ship dimensions, cargoes carried, and general market trends during the past 25 years as a response to rapid growth of world trade and the shift in maritime markets. At the same time, there have been remarable amendments in regulations of maritime safety especially in transport of bunker fuels in bulk carrier and handymax segement. Hence, the ship manager of Handymax bulk carrier that carries bunker fuels and travels from USA to North Europe faces major problem as there is a difference between maritime regulations of USA and Europe. He has to address the technical problems due to change in legislations and he has to apply management principles for dealing these problems efficiently while manageing the bunker fuels in handymax bulk carriers between North Europe and USA. The ship manager has little flexibility in expansion due to changes maritime regulations regarding the management of bunker fuels are concerned. These regulations are made by international organizations like the International Maritime Organization and the European Union or by individual countries. The International Maritime Organization (IMO) is mainly responsible for the implementation of maritime safety matters internationally which regulates the activities relating to safety at sea, pollution prevention (MARPOL), security (ISPS Code), standards of construction of offshore installations and matters relating to the non-economic issues of maritime transportation of bunker fuels. However, he faces more problems due to different regulations adopted in USA and Europe. For example, Environment Protection (Ships Ballast Water) Regulations 2006 restricts the ship manager’s choices while managing the bunker fuels in handymax bulk carriers entering Europe (EPA Victoria, 2007). This l egislation introduced by the Victorian Government speicifies ballast water reporting requirements for owners and masters of ships with capacity to carry ballast water. It also declares offences for

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