Friday, September 27, 2019

Explanatory Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Explanatory - Essay Example The game of volleyball has a history of more than 119 years as the game was first developed during the period of 1895 by an individual named William G. Morgan who is an American (Zartman 2). The game was developed in order to substitute the game for the sport of basketball; as basketball was considered as a more violent game. Furthermore, basketball was considered physically harmful for the middle aged individuals who were members with the YMCA. The game has altered from what it was like when it was first developed. The first development was the introduction of a new ball, especially designed for the game during the year of 1900 (Zartman 4). Six years later, the game started becoming offensive in nature with the introduction of the set and spike method of transferring the ball from one end of the court to the other end was developed (Zartman 34). From this period onwards, several changes to the game were made and to regulate these changes the formation of the United States Volleyball Association took place during the period of 1928 and since then the game started becoming popular amongst the masses (Zartman 1992). After a period of 36 years, the game became so widely played that it was made part of the Olympics that took place in Tokyo (Zartman 188). The inclusion of the game in Olympics and the creation of regulatory body are signs that depict that the game is internationally recognized and has become quite common amongst the masses. The game of volleyball is quite difficult game to understand and play. It has several rules that help in achieving victory. The main rule in the game is that each team is only allowed to touch the ball three times when the ball is in their side of the court ( 1). The members of the team can pass the ball with an underpass that is conducted with the help of the forearms or they can

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