Monday, September 23, 2019

The Impact of the Cloud on Mobile Devices Research Paper - 1

The Impact of the Cloud on Mobile Devices - Research Paper Example It will first provide a conceptual analysis of the issues surrounding the application, its application target market as well as reasons for its popularity and development. Introduction When addressing the issue of the impact of cloud on mobile devices, there are two terms, which are inseparable: cloud computing and mobile cloud computing. Cloud computing is a form of computing which offers animatedly scalable resources are as a virtualized service. It permits the service providers as well as other consumers to alter their computing capability with regard to the quantity and quality required form a particular task at a specific time. There are three major requirements that accompany cloud computing namely thin clients, grid computing, and utility computing. In most cases, cloud computing expose the users to computing systems through internet interfaces to use services for instance search engines, online stores and web-based email (Marinelli, 2009). Cloud Computing encompasses both the programs offered as services in the internet and the hardware and software applications in the processors that offer those services. Computer experts refer to the range of services and applications offered by cloud computing as Software as a Service (SaaS). On the other hand, cloud is the processing hardware and software that offers these services and applications. ... On the other hand, mobile cloud computing is an application in which both the data storage and the data processing occur outside of the mobile device. There are various contemporary examples of cloud computing applications including Google Maps, mobile Gmail, and some direction-finding applications. Nonetheless, most of the data storage and processing of contemporary applications still occur inside the mobile devices as opposed to occurring in the cloud. However, this trend is gradually changing and eventually all the applications will soon occur in the cloud (Perez, 2009). In the case of conservative cloud computing systems, they often occur on collections of servers. Consequently, there are enormous amounts of data placed on these collections through stratums of virtualization depicting the execution of elevated jobs to process this data and bring helpful results. This is however, very different when it comes to mobile-cloud computing, where the origin and processing of data occurs on mobile devices (Marinelli, 2009). The world technology is experiencing new forms of innovations, which is greatly affecting many organizations as well as their technology suppliers. In this regard mobile cloud, computing is emerging as a source of these innovations, which are transforming the global business industry in a great way. In addition, this innovation packs the power to alter businesses of all sizes as well as the economies that control their development. In this view, cloud computing is a subcontract of business and information technology functionality that bears the nimble economies of 21st century (Saugatuck Technology Inc., 2008). Several opinions assert that the conversion of old information technology will not offer the best mobile cloud computing services,

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